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    Author Guide

    xliv. Author Basics

    Executive Showcase is based on a royalty-free stock model. This means that when you Sell an Item on our site you are granting the Buyer a license to use that file in certain ways, but you retain ownership of the Item and can Sell as many licenses as you want. Once you upload an Item, there is no limit as to the number of times it can be purchased.

    Everything you Sell as an Author on Executive Showcase must be your own original content. If you use any assets that are owned by someone else, you must have a license that grants you permission to use and resell them.

    Consider the following before submitting your presentation to Executive Showcase:


    • Professionalism
    • End-to-End Strategy
    • Opportunity Being Addressed
    • Expected Benefits
    • Credibility
    • Success Measures
    • Senior Executive Caliber
    • Engaging Flow
    • Compelling Content
    • Execution Timeline
    • Best practices, Latest trends, Risks, Rewards and Tradeoffs


    • Customization Ability (Charts, graphs and graphics must be able to be edited and customized.)
    • Presentation Flow
    • Clear and Concise Charts, Graphs and Verbiage
    • Colors, Fonts, Borders and Graphics that all “Pop”
    • Overall Quality Exceeds High Standards of a Demanding Audience


    3 Key Components Contributing to Product Value:

    1. A Presentation that can be Delivered to Senior Management

      • Normally in PowerPoint
      • Demonstrates a Level of Subject Expertise
      • Sells the Strategy Aligning to and Quantifying as Much as Possible the Impact to Business Goals & Risk Avoidance
      • Eye-Pleasing and Direct Enough to Keep the Audiences Attention and Get Them Excited
      • Covers Strategy Execution at an Executive Level

    2. Transfer of Expert Knowledge

      • Normally Through Slide Facilitation Notes, but Could Also be in a Video Format, Appendix Slides, an Imbedded Word Document, etc.
      • Needs to Provide a Deeper Level of Understanding than What is on the Presentation Slides (Typically Accomplished Through Additional Content Context and Examples or Scenarios)
      • Should Position the Buyer to Gain Credibility by being Able to Answer Questions About What is in the Presentation or Elaborate Further than What is on the Presentation Slides

    3. Execution Tools

      • Items to Assist with Strategy Execution
      • May be in the Form of Training, Tracking, Measuring, or Documenting Tools

    xlv. The Process

    Upload your Items, See them get approved for sale, and Like when they are appreciated and purchased.

    Every Item for sale has been checked by an Executive Showcase Reviewer and priced based on the complexity of the Item and its market value. It also includes a Buyer Fee. We aim to catch issues that would reflect negatively on your sales and the broader Executive Showcase standards. We may not be able to approve your Items if they do not follow our guidelines or are otherwise unsuitable for sale. The review process ensures that when a customer comes to the Executive Showcase site, they are buying a product that has been certified and is ready to be customized. 

    When your earnings balance reaches the payout minimum, you can withdraw it via PayPal.

    Withdrawal notices are sent once a month to Authors and Affiliates who have reached the payout minimum of $100.

    Explore new creative possibilities by joining our community of learners, thinkers and makers.

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    Step 1: Finalize Presentation – See Guide to Creating a Presentation.
    Step 2: Save the Presentation in an Editable Format (i.e. PPT, PPTX, XLS) and NOT a PDF.
    Step 3: Login and Select “ACCOUNT” in the upper right corner of the site.
    Step 4: Select the “PRESENTATION / TOOL UPLOAD” button in the lower left of the “MY ACCOUNT” page.
    Step 5: Fill in all of the Descriptive Fields:

    Title – (40 characters max) A few descriptive words

    Description – (200 characters max) Describe the specific strategy being presented and the depth of content. This will be displayed when the individual Item is open and details are presented.

    Short Description – (80 characters max) Describe the specific strategy being presented. This will be displayed when the Item is shown among other similar Items.


    • Main – Primary Professional Field
    • Sub – Specialized Area within the Main

    Tags – (Up to 10) Key words that will point potential buyers to your presentation. Separate each word or pair of words by a comma. Example: Human Resources, Benefits, Workforce Planning, Performance.

    Item Version Compatibility – Presentation software(s) used to create the Item. Note, if Item includes an embedded chart from a different software please list that as well. Examples: PowerPoint PPT, PPTX and Excel XLS.

    Features – Unique items to highlight for the potential buyer. Ex: Fully editable charts and recent industry survey data.

    Recommended Audience – Examples: Senior HR Leaders, Senior Business Leaders, CFOs, Compensation Directors, etc.

    Number of Slides – total slides including cover slide, appendix slides, etc.  

    Title Thumbnail – The number of the single slide you would like pictured to represent your Item.  Normally this would be the title slide.

    Clear Slides – These (up to 6) will be clearly visible to potential buyers before purchase. Choose wisely as you do not want to give away too much (if you could see every page of a book online without buying it, would you purchase it?) while at the same time you want to show the level of quality/content your Item contains. Rule of thumb is to show the title slide plus 20% of the remaining slides. The slides that are not clear will be “blurred” so the potential Buyer can still have a feel for the extent of the presentation but not actually be able to read the content.

    Step 6: Click the SUBMIT button to have your Item sent to Executive Showcase.

    You will receive an email response when your Item is received and additional e-mails regarding the status of your submission.

    xlvi. The Rules

    We ask that as an Author you always abide by the Author Terms and the following rules:

    1. The Items you upload for sale must be your own creation. Do not submit works based on tutorials or other people's work.
    2. You must have the rights to license the Items you upload, either because they are your own original content, or because you have a license that grants you permission to resell any third-party assets included with your Item.
    3. If you believe that anyone on the Executive Showcase site has copied one of your Items or is otherwise infringing upon intellectual property rights, please report this behavior to the Help Team.
    4. Do not buy your own Items or engage in other conduct with the intention of defrauding Executive Showcase or other Authors.
    5. Everything uploaded to Executive Showcase should be appropriate for commercial sale.

    xlvii. Author Services Provided

    Just as it is important that our fees to Buyers are reflective of the services we provide, our Author platform fee reflects the services we provide Authors. Chief among these is access to a market of active Buyers, and the marketing and SEO that powers that market. We handle the ecommerce services you need to sell your Items. We offer Authors a platform to be part of a professional community.

    xlviii. Calculating Your Income

    When you Sell an Item on Executive Showcase, the total purchase price is made up of your Item Price plus Executive Showcase’s fee to the Buyer. You will earn your Item Price minus any Executive Showcase Author Fees.

    Our Author Fee is 50% of the Item Price. So for example when a product sells for $100 the break down of fees looks like this:

    $20 Buyer fee

    $80 Item Price

    $40 Author Fee

    $40 Net Author Earnings (Note that this is 40% of the List Price)