Others Would Love to Have Your Knowledge Part 1


The title, “Others Would Love to Have Your Knowledge” is an adaptation of “Most people in the world would love to have your problems in exchange for theirs.” a saying I often heard from my father. As true as his words were, if you have the desire and fortitude to share your HR knowledge, there are many people who would love to have it and even pay for it.

For this article, input was provided by Alan Collins and Ben Eubanks who are both industry leaders with a true passion for improving Human Resources through the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Alan Collins’ best-selling book, Your HR Goldmine (a must read for HR Consultants and senior practitioners along with his other 9 books), details how to best capitalize on the knowledge, skills and experience you’ve gained and to prepare a product for sale. Ben Eubanks is actively involved in HR knowledge sharing through his podcast (We’re Only Human), website (upstartHR), role as co-founder of the HRevolution ( as well as his latest book, Artificial Intelligence for HR: Use AI to Support and Develop a Successful Workforce.

From my experience of speaking with hundreds of HR Consultants and Practitioners over the past few years, I learned that expectations of HR Leaders are incredibly broad and they are expected to be Strategic Experts, Training Developers, Training Facilitators, Analysts, and Communication Experts for all things “People”. The smaller the business and corresponding HR team support, the more challenging and insurmountable this becomes. The key to survival and success comes from the ability to leverage resources. These resources come in different forms and are evolving every day. One of the quickest and least expensive of which is to leverage the knowledge and experiences of HR experts who have Authored strategies and training.

Alan elaborated on this thought when he stated, “There are thousands of small to medium-sized businesses that could no doubt benefit from help on HR issues. Many can’t afford a full-time HR professional or a high-priced consultant.” and “I’ve found that most organizations, no matter how big or small they are, face similar issues related to people initiatives. Big issues like bringing in the right talent, retaining the best people, keeping costs down and improving employee engagement are fairly universal challenges and plague most organizations. So, if you’ve solved problems like these – don’t underestimate the value of your skills and how much in demand they will be to other organizations.” Ben’s insight was, “There's a considerable amount that HR leaders can take into the marketplace. Other companies need HR insights, and if they hire a consultant that could take months and considerable resources. Having an ‘off the shelf’ solution to a problem can be a quick way to solve a problem without all of those expenses.”

...check in next week for Part 2 of "Others Would Love to Have Your Knowledge"


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