Key Elements of Today’s Strategic Presentations


As a senior professional when you begin to develop a strategic presentation there are two primary considerations, Content and Quality.   Content can be defined as the pieces of your story and the supporting information that lends credibility to your recommendations.  Quality can be defined simply as the packaging of the Content.


When creating your Content consider the following:

  • • Professionalism
  • • End-to-End Strategy
  • • Opportunity Being Addressed
  • • Expected Benefits
  • • Credibility
  • • Success Measures
  • • Senior Executive Caliber
  • • Engaging Flow
  • • Compelling Content
  • • Execution Timeline
  • • Best practices, latest trends, risks, rewards, and tradeoffs


When packaging your Content (Quality) consider the following:

  • • Presentation Flow
  • • Exceeds High Standards of a Demanding Audience
  • • Clear and Concise Charts, Graphs and Verbiage
  • • Colors, Fonts, Borders and Graphics that all "Pop"


You undoubtedly want your presentation to be a combination of a well thought out strategy that will be impactful to your company and a work of art.  However, unless you are, or have access to, a graphic artist, a top-notch analyst and an expert on the given strategy, you will most likely start with a high level outline, a deep breath and a fresh cup of coffee.  If you are really lucky you will have a friend who has recently done all of the research and work to develop the same strategy for their company.  Even luckier, your friend is a consultant in your professional field who has the strategic presentation you are looking for in their toolbox.

The Executive Showcase marketplace was developed to give you a significant head start on developing your strategic presentation.  Your “friends” have already put in the significant effort to develop easily customizable end-to-end strategies.  These have been certified for both Content and Quality by professional reviewers in your field and are now available to you.