Making Time to be Strategic


In a demanding corporate environment where days are consumed putting out daily fires, finding the time to devote to new strategic initiatives is a real challenge.  Ironically, most executives confirmed that their annual performance is measured primarily on establishing and executing new impactful strategies and not the success of the daily firefighting.


Today’s HR Executives are operating in the best of both worlds – capitalizing on their team-members’ long hours and detailed work products, and leading their organization’s people strategies using the latest competitive practices. 


As an experienced professional, you know that it is not an option to solve every problem with additional effort, time and hard work.  The law of diminishing returns quickly comes into play.  Not to mention the fact that every HR executive wants to set the tone for their culture’s work-life balance. 


Executive Showcase is helping HR Executives work smarter (not harder) by offering end to end proven strategies in most of the function’s key disciplines.  The strategies are prepared in an executive-ready format that can easily be modified to include your organization’s data and logos.  Thus, saving you a significant amount of time and providing that helping hand to formulate your next impactful strategy.


Everyone agrees that working smarter (not harder) and fully leveraging resources is the intelligent choice.  Yet the question still remains, “What about the ethical and legal component of using someone else’s work product?”.   Yes it is legal.  The Executive Showcase Authors release their products for you to customize as you see fit.  Regarding ethics, it is the same as the many organizations using consultants to build business strategies every day.  At Executive Showcase, you will find the expertise of top consultants without paying the corresponding hourly rate.  It is legal, ethical and most importantly, smart!


When asked, “Would you purchase an end-to-end strategic presentation, customize it and claim it as your own?”, the response from those executives surveyed was a resounding, “Yes”!  One thing is for certain, creating and implementing impactful strategies is significantly valued and is used as a key differentiator of performance at the executive level.  Take a look around the site to see what will be helpful to you and your organization.