Top 5 HR Strategies


As drones deliver goods to our doorsteps and cars drive themselves, let us remember that behind the machines are companies that are composed of people.  These are people who function together based on the strategies established by Human Resources.

The top 5 HR Strategies are as follows:

(based on surveys, interviews and independent research)


#5    Datafication of Human Resources

When it comes to employee relations there will always be the “it depends” component.  As HR adds strategic value to business decisions and direction it is essential that HR data evolves into business predicting and impacting analytics.


#4    Taking Advantage of Generation Diversity

With employees retiring later and a younger generation wanting more to stay motivated (and wanting it now), it is critical to create a culture where all can thrive harmoniously.  The first step is to thoroughly understand and take advantage of the differences and commonalities between all of the generations.


#3    Hiring for Cultural Fit

Align your hiring process to your evolved culture.  Establish an effective interview process that includes the following:

  • • Create the right environment to ask the right questions
  • • Probe and assess the responses
  • • Analyze a multitude of key candidate traits
  • • Turn interview data into credible selection decision information
  • • Use a comprehensive decision framework considering candidate's strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness, as well as the job characteristics


#2    Executing an Employee Wellness Plan

With significant changes to healthcare policies, higher trending medical claims and 80-90% of expenses being preventable, it has become paramount that companies have a progressive wellness plan.  In addition to the benefit of decreased health plan costs, companies are achieving healthier workforces while increasing productivity & employee well being.  Plan components should include:

  • • Awareness & Education
  • • Behavior Impact
  • • Sustained Lifestyle/Culture
  • • Metric Results Review


#1    Implementing a High Performance Workforce Culture

A primary component of the HR function is establishing and enhancing culture.  A comprehensive strategy to ensure a high performance culture should include:

  • • Employee input mechanism (ex: structured focus groups)
  • • Framework for analyzing employee input
  • • Comparison against the traits of industry leading high performance organizations
  • • Development of impactful action plans to achieve the established goals
  • • Communication, follow-up, more communication, more follow-up, …