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Human Resources Strategies for a Global Workforce

With increasing globalization of business, as an HR leader I need a strategy to assimilate cultures, business practices, work environments, communication and recognition preferences to ensure operational effectiveness.

How do companies leverage mobile technology to improve recruiting, learning & development and engagement?

Aligning HR Data with the Company Balance Sheet and Income Statement

How to determine the overall effectiveness of an HR function. It would include key financial metrics like: cost of the different functional areas, HR expense and headcount FTE, comp & ben/FTE and how to benchmark and measure results.

What are and how do "predictive analytics" apply to people strategies? Please provide examples and data templates.

Aligning HR Analytics with Business Analytics - A roadmap that will help me demonstrate my team's value to bottom line profitability and productivity.

Recruiting Strategies

Recruiter Training

Building vs. Buying Talent

Process to Truly Leverage Social Recruiting 

How to Best Select and Leverage Job Boards

Leveraging Cross Business-Line Resources

Predictive Analytics to Maximize Talent

Creating a Strategic HR Function and Developing HR Professionals to add Strategic Value

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching Strategy including Benefits to having a Coach, Selecting a Coach and the Coaching Process

Would like to see a strategy for executive development. (Business Ventures, Globalization, Customer Centric Strategies, Innovation, Setting Strategy & Achieving Organizational Results)

Learning & Development

I need a methodology and presentation to analyze labor utilization and capacity against organizational growth. How do you know when to add headcount? What are the short and long term considerations?


Minimizing Workplace Stress - Satisfied @ https://bit.ly/2wi4FHa

Improving Morale Starting at the Top


Establishing an Effective Company Communications Program

Employee Engagement

Organizational Design

Organizational Design Change Strategy for a Growing Company (including communication)

Performance Management

Designing Effective Sales Based Commission Plans 

My CEO asked me to facilitate a comp strategy meeting to calibrate employee performance across senior management teams. I need a framework/strategy that will take who yells loudest out of it and get to a fair comparison of employee value.

Strategy to Advertise Employee Benefits to Drive Value  

When is the right time (company size) to put in an HRIS system, how do I justify it and what selection criteria should I use?

Fostering Innovation across the Company

Creating an Internal Organizational Culture to Match the External Business Brand

A Strategy Covering Small Business Request for Funding. Something That Will Help Me to Establish Credibility As a Business Person in Addition to My Already Knowing My Product & Processes as I Ask for Money.

Leave Management


Strategy for ergonomics, health and safety in the workplace.


Harassment Prevention

Communicating HR’s Strategic Contributions

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