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    Getting Started

    How It Works

    Product Purchase Process

    How are Items Arranged on the Site?

    Items are arranged first by Professional Field (ex. Human Resources) and then by Category and Sub-Category where applicable.  After choosing Items in a Category you will have the option to sort by Newest, Highest Rated, Recently Viewed, and Popular.

    Why are Some of the Item Slides “Blurred”?

    The Items at Executive Showcase contain end-to-end strategic content. The description and slides that are clearly visible are there to provide a clear picture of what you are purchasing. Many of the slides for a given Item are “blurred” so you can still obtain a feel for the comprehensive nature of the Item while protecting the Author’s intellectual content. Think about when you purchase a book online, if you could read every page clearly on the site then why buy it?  

    I Need Something Specific and Couldn't Find It

    First try slightly modifying search words to be broader or using synonyms to find related items.  If that does not work then please add the Item you are looking for to the Wish List so Authors can submit a new Item to satisfy your wish.


    How Can I Get a Receipt?

    You will automatically receive a receipt via the email on your account when you make a purchase.  If at a later date you need to get a receipt, you can always go to your Account -> My Orders.

    How Does Pricing Work?

    The prices for all Items are set by an Executive Showcase Reviewer and are based on the complexity of the Item and its market value.

    How Do I Pay for Items?

    As part of the checkout process you will have the opportunity to pay using a credit card (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa), PayPal or echeck.

    What Is the Refund Policy?

    Given the nature of downloadable digital Items, we do not generally offer a refund or credit on a purchase.  For additional information click here to see our full policy.

    Media Specifications & Technical Questions

    How Do I Know the Technical Specifications of an Item?

    For each Item the Format of the downloadable file(s) as well as an overview of any special features, such as embedded charts or graphs, are depicted on the Information tab.

    Do You Offer Conversion Services?

    Most Items are saved conveniently in a versatile version of PowerPoint, Excel, etc.  If you have a unique requirement please contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


    How Do I Download a Purchased Item?

    There are many ways to download a purchased item. If you have an account, visit your dashboard and view "My Orders" or "My Downloadable Products". Your item can be found in these areas for two weeks, and your item is ready for download immediately on purchase. If you do not have an account, your download will be available on your receipt, shown as soon as you hit "Submit Purchase" in the cart. If you have any issues with downloading an item, please reach out to us.

    The File I Purchased Is No Longer Available

    To keep inventory fresh and limit redundancy, periodically Items may be removed. For your convenience a copy of all purchased Items is stored within your individual Account (My Account -> My Orders) for a period of time after you purchase.  Please check there.

    Where Is My Download?

    Your purchased Items can be found at Account -> My Downloadable Products.

    My Download Did Not Complete, How Do I Re-download?

    For you convenience a copy of all purchased Items is stored within your individual Account (My Account -> My Orders) for a period of time after you purchase.  Please check there.

    Usage and Licensing

    Is My Usage Covered by Your License Agreement?

    For your understanding an extensive License FAQ has been prepared.  For further information you may also go to the License section of the Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

    What does Royalty Free Mean?

    Royalty Free means you just need to pay for rights to use the Item once per End Product. You don't need to pay additional or ongoing fees for each person who sees or uses it.

    Example: If you license a presentation template and create a printed brochure given out for Free within your company, you don't need to pay extra for each copy of the presentation you make. 

    Authors and Consultants

    Who can be an Author?

    Anyone who has developed his or her own end-to-end user-friendly strategic presentation or tool, and who agrees to the Author Terms, can be an Author.  Remember that all submissions are reviewed and certified by an experienced professional.  For more on becoming an Author click here.

    Who can be a Consultant?

    Those wanting to advertise their Consulting services must be an Executive Showcase Author with a minimum of four products for sale to apply. Consultants will have the benefit of advertising their consulting services to professionals in their field and the potential to mentor others. For more on becoming a Consultant click here.